Goldring Lenco V Block Bearings by desmo*                          Quality Through Passion for Music

The proven and highly successful up-grade for Goldring / Lenco turntables B55, L72/GL72, L75/GL75, L78/GL78 including L78 with straight arm and Lenco L76 (but not midi model).

The L75 Arm Problem

The L75 arm gives reasonable performance, but the area that really benefits from up-grade is the vertical V block bearings. Lenco chose rubber blocks to support the pivot. These suffer from the knife-edge cutting into the block, causing balancing or tracking problems.

New rubber blocks will work, but still beg to be improved. The rubber has too much ‘give’, allowing movement in all directions,lacking precision and resulting in loss of detail across the frequency range. Like most rubber products, they degrade with heat or age.

The Solution

desmo* V Block Bearings. The original and proven most popular best V block bearing up-grade.

They suffer none of the above problems and offer a number of considerable improvements to

sound quality and longevity. Not just replacement parts but a noticeable up-grade.

The Product

The success of this up-grade lies in the precision machining of the V blocks from a high quality material specially formulated for bearings. It has a low co-efficient of friction along with resilience to give some damping with excellent stability, but firm and precise to remove all linear movement and accurately maintain the position of the arm.

With the right amount of damping, this material conveys sweetness to the sound avoiding any harshness associated with harder materials like brass. Reduced friction at the point of contact and more dimensional stability gives highly enhanced bearing and wear properties. Lubrication is not necessary nor is it recommended as it would attract dust into the pivot.

Precision machined as a 'matched pair', they offer far better control over the position of the arm, enabling more precise tracking with an improvement in detail. This latest issue now reduces sideways movement to a minimum. Fully machined desmo* V Blocks will out-perform any cast or moulded v block whatever the material they are made from. eg. Teflon material creeps and is unstable.

The photograph shows the up-grade bearings where the quality and precision can clearly be seen.

The Benefits

All together, a noticeable improvement . . . . . . . . .

Sonically, compared to standard bearings, the up-graded V Blocks tighten the bass, whilst improving mid-range and high-end definition, giving a sound quality that is more open and detailed.

Your desmo* V Blocks will last much longer, being unaffected by heat or age representing excellent value, as you will probably only ever need to fit one set.

An affordable up-grade to release the full potential of your existing cartridge. (The performance of your cartridge is positively linked to the performance of your arm.) Do not replace your cartridge without doing this change first.

This is the most cost effective improvement you can make to the L75 arm, with considerable benefits irrespective of the type of music you listen to.

Fit now and enjoy improved sound quality and long life, regardless of the condition of your existing V blocks.

What you will receive

You will receive '1 pair' of bearings that come with a “5 year Guarantee” and fully illustrated, detailed fitting instructions. This includes additional information on arm set-up.

Quality Statement

The desmo* brand is manufactured within a quality system to BS EN ISO 9001: 2008 and is fully committed to the implementation of a policy, to achieve the objectives through a strategy of improvement.

We strive to provide our customers with a high quality product and service that meets and even exceeds their requirements. Sound design - Precision engineering - Quality service

Postage and Payment

Cost £20-95 per set and are in stock for immediate delivery.

PayPal or credit card for US, Europe & worldwide shipping. Also International Bank Transfer available. Postal Orders also accepted for UK buyers.

Please pay within 24 hours to ensure prompt dispatch.  

We always post promptly from receipt of payment.

Often same day.(Monday to Friday & Saturday morning)

For 1 or 2 sets …..

Postage & Packing for U.K. £1-45 for 1 set plus £0-95 for 2 sets, which takes it to the next postage

rate and Recorded Delivery to cover the value.

For other countries, postage as follows -

Europe EU Countries £2-00  -  Europe non EU Countries  £4.60  -  Rest of the world £5-25

Australia & New Zealand £5.60

International Tracked - £8-00 to £11-00 for certain locations, will be advised at time of order.

Two sets or more will need to be sent by tracked mail due to the value.

How to place your order

Please do not send payment to this web site

Send your order or question by the following link to

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This product will……….
Cure balancing and tracking problems
Improve tracking precision
Improve sound quality & definition
Release the best from your existing cartridge
Have no deterioration & last many years
Read on now to find out how to get all of these benefits ………>>>
Desmo v blocks
Now over 2500 sets supplied to satisfied Lenco owners in 52 countries world-wide and are in stock